October 12th
4:35 PM

It’s raining it Portland so I’ve been looking at rain boots all day. I think I need to upgrade to a pretty plaid pair. Or maybe a fair isle one? Any favorites?

  1. livinginfahrenheit answered: Ethier the red plaid or the reindeers because RAINdeers.
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  3. littlecowgurl answered: top left!
  4. malachitegrey said: I like the one with the laces. Looks a little more like a non-rainboot boot.
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  6. purpleishboots answered: The top right and bottom right <3
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    Cute raining boots! I want!
  8. brightedelweiss answered: I really like the colorful plaid (the 2nd image) and the fair isle but that is me. They’re all really fabulous though.
  9. inspiration-will-find-you answered: top left!(:
  10. sirielena-nolongerinuse answered: I’m diggin’ the reindeer-caribou, personally, but with the whole Oregon rain 9 months of the year thing I’d vote bottom left.
  11. destroybeginagain answered: The one with the reindeer pattern. Very cute. :-)
  12. southerncelestialdownpour answered: i like the bottom left, the lace up one.
  13. unpaintedpicture answered: Top right is cute :)
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