January 16th
11:08 AM

014899 replied to your post: nails of the moment?

Chinchilly by Essie is a great gray/brown!

ohlili replied to your postnails of the moment?

during my internship term at a super conservative place, I went through half the bottle of “All Hail the Queen”. it was the lowest any of my nail polish has gone for one of the priciest (at the time) nail polish I’d owned. haha

These are actually two I have been wearing the most!

hipsterical replied to your postnails of the moment?

already famous by opi for sephora is a sparkly neutral
Oooh, I haven’t seen that before. Very nice! Thanks!
July 11th
1:40 PM

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Rainbow Honey. that's all I'm saying. you do the rest. haha

Yes. Yes. Yes.