August 29th
11:00 AM
Love this invitation set and the popup trres!

Love this invitation set and the popup trres!

May 11th
9:18 PM

This wedding is amazing



Tree houses, hammocks and limbo? Yes please! I think I need to start planning a summer party in the woods somewhere.

April 2nd
10:00 AM

Big day today!

First I am chopping off 12ish inches of hair that has been growing out for almost 2 years to make my second donation to Locks of Love. Long hair, it’s been good but I’m sick of brushing you so much and detangling you for hours every morning. I’ve gotten really good at braiding though so that’s a plus. I will also not miss using so much conditioner and getting my hair stuck behind me when I sit down. But the process of growing it out will start again tomorrow just as soon as it is cut off so I’m going to enjoy the short hair while I have it.

The second even bigger thing of the day is my friend’s wedding!! I’ve been to a good amount of weddings before but she’s the first of my close friends to get married and it doesn’t feel like real life yet. I’m sure it will be adorable and awesome and gorgeous and fun so I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. She is getting hitched at Union Station in Los Angeles and I so wish I could arrive by train but the trains stop to early so I would be stranded once the party ends.

So I’m off for the weekend! Hope you all have a great one too!